Tax Planning

Life is ruled by two certainties: death and taxes. The first cannot be avoided, but the second can be minimized with careful planning and foresight. A well planned Tax Planning is similar to the planning that goes into living a happy and successful life. It’s important to do your tax planning professionally and early on in the wealth-accumulation process if you want to reap the benefits of a well-planned tax strategy.

As part of our Tax Planning philosophy, we do not aim to avoid taxes, rather we aim to help you structure your finances so you and your family are not burdened with excessive taxes.

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The importance of Tax Planning

By the time you retire in 30 years, if you managed to reduce your tax bill by just Rs. 2500/- each month, through prudent Tax Planning, and invested it at a 5% rate of return, compounded annually – you would have a tidy sum of over rupees 20,03,970/-waiting for you.

If you delay tax planning, you’re giving others a chance to benefit from potentially saveable money of your hard-earned money. If you defer tax planning, you will owe and pay more in taxes. With the magic of compounding, money could have been saved, invested, and grown, over many years, through reduced taxes.

How We Can Help

Our Approach

Our clients benefit from our long-term Tax Planning strategies. Tax planning does not begin when you file your tax returns. Tax planning begins long before making an investment decision that triggers a tax liability. With our tax planning services, we can minimize taxes and maximize tax refunds while providing investment advice that maximizes tax-friendly returns.

As part of our Tax Planning services, we can:

  • The best advice you can get is to save. Be sure to save. You should save as much as you can. The next best advice is to be careful with how you invest your savings. We will advise you on whether to invest your pre-tax dollars or post-tax income in our Tax Planning advice. The types of investments you make, and the vehicles you invest in, can make a significant difference in your tax bill. Depending on the strategy you select, we’ll assist you with evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of your choices.
  • As part of planning for tax impact on your income, we’ll also take into consideration the types of income you may receive: Dividends, Interest, Annuity payments, Capital Gains, Inheritances, and Employer or Government benefits. Even though all of these are potential income streams after retirement and even before, each has its own tax implications
  • You can anticipate future impacts on your net worth with guidance from our tax specialists. If you do not plan, you could lose a considerable amount of wealth due to likely reductions of benefits, as well as substantial taxes on your estate.
  • You can reduce your real estate’s tax impact by working with us. By planning your taxes properly, future generations won’t have to pay taxes due to the legacy you leave them. However, to ensure a tax-advantage inheritance to your beneficiaries, you need to put the right planning in place NOW. Our Tax Planning experts can assist with that.