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We don’t focus on your financial life. Our full suite of services allows us to address and answer all the questions you have about your money. 

Our financial planning services aren’t restricted to one area of your life. We provide a full range of services to address all of your money-related questions.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Each of us is a financial planner in a way: Are you going to save some of your money or will you spend it all on clothes? Financial decision-making requires a lot of skill and no one is born with the capability. Our goal is to help you.

One Size Fits One

Why should I use a financial advisor?

Planning for a great retirement requires a lot of decisions – decisions that you should take with care. Professional financial planners can assist you in taking the best decisions, by explaining all the options and creating a plan to achieve your goals.

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The Power of Choice

As your financial advisor, we have access to a wide range of financial and retirement products. Because we are not affiliated with a single company, we are able to offer you choices from various respected institutions. Our goal is to match your goals with the right products.

Cautilya Financial Services


Our Focus


Investment Planning

Most of us are engaged in subconscious acts of investment planning without even realizing it. In the limited time we have available, we plan how we can make the most of it. We have two hours to kill. Should we spend them at a mall or would it be best to schedule time to meet with a financial planner?


Insurance Planning

A thing that defines life is its uncertainty. Despite the best-laid plans, sometimes things don’t work out! Though you may think you have covered all the bases, life usually surprises you when you least expect it. Plan Bs are always a good idea.


Tax Planning

Life is ruled by two certainties: death and taxes. The first cannot be avoided, but the second can be minimized with careful planning and foresight. A well planned Tax Planning is similar to the planning that goes into living a happy and successful life


Retirement Planning

Before retirement even comes into our minds, we already have a plan for what education, skills training and professional designations we would like to earn. A lot of time is also spent planning which industries to work in and which employers to work for. Our goal, once employed, is to rise to the top of the ladder in our respective fields.


Financial Resources and News

Watch out this space for Financial Resources & News in coming days!