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The investment industry exists to serve its customers. We at Cautilya Capital strive to provide the best-in-class investment products to ensure your well-being.

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Our financial planners will understand the current financial wellness in place, risk appetite, and goals in mind. Then suggest the products that suit your goals after precise planning.


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Diverse Product Offering

We have a diverse network of clients whom we provide services, as part of taking care of their financial well-being. We offer an array of products to suit your specific needs.

Risk Appetite

The risk appetite of each client is different. The risk-taking ability changes every day and with every new challenge and goal. Hence the revision of risk appetite should be a regular exercise.

The Goal Getter

A lot of our driven clients, who aim for financial freedom are not bound by the normal instruments offered in the markets. We offer unique in-house products that offer better returns and aim at attaining the goal with assurance through unlisted shares and in-house Algo trading & derivatives.

Build Your Net

While we help the goals get wings, we also drive the need for the safety net to be built together to hedge the risks. Insurance today gives freedom to the wings while providing the net of safety for a peaceful life.

Cautilya Financial PRODUCTS


Product 1

Equity & Debt

Fixed deposits are no longer the safe haven of the past. The returns from fixed deposits do not help, even to beat inflation. The high emergency funds can be parked in fixed deposits, nothing more. Then, how to reach the goals and how to be sure. Equity and Debt provide the right combination of attack and defense in the track to attain the goals.

Product 2


Insurance is no more just a subject matter of solicitation. Insurance is a part of the plan, in the run against our goals. It is like wearing a helmet while going out to bat against a fast bowler. Insurance provides the guard to go fearless in the drive to achieve your goals.

Product 3

Alternative Assets

Conventional assets are available to all and available in the market. The alternative assets that Cautilya Capital provides are proprietary tools and help gain the edge in the run.