Equity & Debt

Fixed deposits are no longer the safe haven of the past. The returns from fixed deposits do not help, even to beat inflation. The high emergency funds can be parked in fixed deposits, nothing more. Then, how to reach the goals and how to be sure. Equity and Debt provide the right combination of attack and defense in the track to attain the goals.

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Why Equity & Debt?

The goals of today are – no more only to lead a retired life with diminishing needs. The education of a child is not a small expense. A wedding of a dear child is a memory for a lifetime. With the growing inflation, only fixed deposits cannot help reach the goal.

Mutual Funds are varied and provide a wide array of choices to go for large gains and as well provide options for liquidity without too much hassle. Bonds help in provide secure returns, which are higher than the fixed deposits. We provide a mix of the best funds and bonds to our customers after careful curation and regular assessment of the various options in the market.

Mutual Funds

We will determine your financial objectives through an intensive yet structured “Getting to Know You” process, and we will prioritize some of your most pressing short-, medium-, and long-term financial goals.


Consider your current savings and investment portfolio and analyse where you are today. Often, this phase of our review leads to actionable steps that can benefit you immediately, such as cutting your losses in a sinking investment or leveraging tax-saving strategies in highly successful ones.