About Us

It’s important to choose a financial professional you can trust. We at Cautilya Capital Group maintain high standards of integrity and protect our clients’ interests at all times.

Our Core Values



Our Vision

We serve families on their financial journey so that they can live lives of fulfilment and maximum impact.

Our Mission

To be a financial services company driven by a team of professionals passionately helping our customers achieve financial independence by research driven practices while maintaining a high standard of integrity.

Our Promise

It is the mission of Cautilya Capital Group to help families and individuals achieve financial security. We are an independent financial advisory firm dedicated to personalized service and uncompromising integrity. Our financial plans never follow a cookie-cutter template, but rather create customized financial strategies tailored to the unique goals of each client.

Our vision of true wealth is to be able to share your life with the people you love, free of financial anxieties. As a comprehensive financial planning firm, we aim to provide peace of mind now and into retirement for clients by developing comprehensive financial plans.

Our Focus

Cautilya Capital is solely focused on you. Our independent financial advisory firm offers uncompromising integrity and personalized service. We help all our clients build the retirement they want by preserving and protecting their wealth through comprehensive financial retirement planning.

IndEpendent Advice

As an independent firm, our responsibility is to make recommendations based on what’s best for you. Your financial goals are our top priority. Our goal is to help you build a long-term portfolio with a level of potential growth that keeps up with you after retirement.

 Customized Portfolios

We build customized portfolios that help you reach your goals. The strategy that we create minimizes risk and maximizes efficiency to meet your needs consists of a team within the company that monitors and researches the best solutions for you.

 Uncompromising Principles

Trust is the key to a successful relationship with a financial advisor. All members of our team are held to a high standard of ethics. We require that every member of the team decide in your best interests

We Believe

About What We Do & How We Got Here

  • Retirement is way more than just numbers.

You need more than simply returns on your investments to measure the quality of your retirement.

  • Freedom, family, peace of mind, clarity, and living by your own terms make up true wealth.

Each individual has his or her own definition of wealth. To build wealth strategies that last, we take a personalized, customized approach.

  • In focusing on excellence, efficient investing, and total financial solutions

There are questions you have, and we want to provide you with accurate, honest, and personalized answers.

  • The connection between human beings is powerful

By providing a high level of service and having ongoing conversations, we build relationships.